Rabu, Agustus 04, 2010

Redesigned Diamond Cigarette Packaging Could Simply Make It Too Inconvenient To Smoke

Redesigned Diamond Cigarette Packaging Could Simply Make It Too Inconvenient To Smoke: "

Redesigned Diamond Cigarette Packaging (Images courtesy Erik Askin)

By Andrew Liszewski

Governing bodies have tried many different ways to discourage smoking including dramatically increasing the price of cigarettes through taxes, by forcing tobacco companies to include graphic and disturbing imagery and warnings on the packaging to even requiring them to be hidden away behind closed doors at stores. And while this brilliant redesign of cigarette packaging isn’t the end all solution to the problem, it’s another step that will hopefully discourage more people from smoking.

The flip-top cigarette box is actually incredibly well designed when it comes to portability, accessibility and even marketing. So Eric Askin figured that by breaking the rules of design it could actually discourage people from using a harmful product, and that’s what led to the creation of his diamond-shaped packaging concept. It fits terribly in a pocket, the cigarettes are harder to access or share, less of them can be stacked on a shelf and when they are, the branding is obscured, they’re more difficult to ship and they’re more expensive for tobacco companies to make and manufacture. Of course the new packaging would have to be mandated the same way the current warning labels are, but I think it’s a brilliantly simple way to make the terrible habit even more of an inconvenience.

Monkey Saves Dog; Breaks Hearts

Monkey Saves Dog; Breaks Hearts: "

A terrible pipeline explosion tore through Nanjing, China, killing 13 people and injuring 300. Horrendous news like that has become so commonplace that it’s almost hard to connect and understand their trauma, especially when the Chinese press is limited from reporting the facts.

Until a photo of a monkey saving a puppy dog from the explosion hits the internet, when all the f**ked up pieces of the world fall into place.

Twitter user sinyi88 tweeted this photo of a monkey, in some sort of leash contraption, grabbing a puppy and running away from the explosion with a look of terror on his little monkey face.

(via nowpublic)

While we don’t have video of the occurrence, we do have an animated GIF ahead that has perhaps never been more appropriate in the history of the world. It’s our favorite GIF ever.

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