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New car U.S. President Obama

New car U.S. President Obama

January 20, 2009 in its new home, the White House, vedet 44-second U.S. president. On this day, Barack Obama, the first time, sit in the back seat of his new office a limousine, which was created specifically for American presidents dollars. Это Cadillac „One“. That Cadillac "One".

Business limousine new U.S. President Barack Obama, like other presidential limousines, first passed the test.

The body of limousine manual assembly is made of a special composition: steel, aluminum, titanium and ceramics. . The car length 6,30 m weighs about 3 tons and costs about 2,3 million euros.
It provides a diesel engine manufactured at the main concern car giant corporation General Motors.

In order to deceive potential terrorists, there are at least 3 identical car.- just before the trip will be made aware a few Secret Service officers. Total personal safety of the U.S. President's conduct of special agents, 3200.

Door thickness of 20 cm, and safety glass - 15 cm Cadillac "One" is capable of withstanding the firing of a self-installation of large-caliber artillery. If it affected the fuel tank, the design allows independently to prevent the leakage of fuel. Ballistic tires "Goodyear Regional RHS" (19,5 inches) did not go down even if the direct hit.

Right on the hood of an American flag attached to the left - a personal standard of the president.Presidential Office car is equipped with autonomous air conditioning system and protivotumannymi devices. This is a limousine can be virtually invisible. All other protective devices are classified.

The entire park is about the presidential convoy of 35 vehicles, including ambulances. In most cases, their use during the state visit, where they are delivered in advance. Previous models of public service of limousines, usually go by the press - only a few receive the honor to be drawn into the museum. But even there they could behold only from the outside.

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