Jumat, Oktober 23, 2009

Eyelashes are old, now it's eye 'LED' lashes


All you hot chicks out there, here’s a low down on the latest in thing in eye fashion. Now, spare yourself from the muss of those messy eyelash extensions and don these new fangled “LED eyelashes”, which will never let you crave for attention. Be it a nightclub, a rave or an all freak-out party at some friends’, you’ll be as conspicuous as the “statue of liberty” amidst all party animals. Speaking so, did I mention the real cool part? You can DIY one for yourself with any color LED or even multiple colored LEDs. So, you can now say to your archrival, “My LED is more vibrant than yours.”

This LED eyelash getup by Soomi Park is pretty neat, and uses a set of headphones to house the tilt sensor and other electronics. A little spirit gum goes a long way for affixing things to your face!

Scope further for a cool pic and video.


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