Rabu, Oktober 21, 2009

Scubacraft Just As Happy Under The Water As On

Scubacraft (Images courtesy Scubacraft)

By Andrew Liszewski

If you’ve got an extra $164,000 laying around, and a sense of adventure, you might want to get your name on the waiting list for the Scubacraft. It’s essentially a speedboat with a specially designed trimaran hull that makes it just as comfortable on the water as it is under. And while technically you could refer to it as a submarine, it can only dive to depths of about 100 feet, and you’ll need to bring your own SCUBA gear since it doesn’t have an enclosed cabin. But thanks to a high-powered jet propulsion system you’ll be able to zip along under the waves or on top of them, depending on your mood, or escape plan. Orders for the Scubacraft are currently being taken, and delivery is expected somewhere near the end of 2010.

[ Scubacraft ] VIA [ Luxist ]

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