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20 Incredible Video Examples of Guerrilla Marketing

What is guerrilla marketing and why is it a big deal? Guerrilla marketing is packed with creativity and a combination of different ideas to get your message across to the consumers. The big difference between guerrilla marketing and traditional marketing is big budgets. Usually small companies cannot compete with huge retail chains, because they lack financial complications.

Let’s say there is a small coffee shop in a little town, and Starbucks just opened up a store nearby. How will the small business owner compete against the coffee giant? By realizing that the marketing budget of Starbucks is way bigger, the small coffee shop owner will have to come up with creative ways to advertise his/her business. This is where creativity comes in, and fights a large sum of money. This problem happens all over the world to the little guys being picked on by the corporate brands, however guerrilla marketing is always there to help!

If you are an entrepenuer that has or is about to launch a business, the following examples should get your creativity flowing. As an entrepenuer you are great at analyzing the rights, wrongs, and problems with things. The problem that many people face when starting out is lack of cash, yes this is obvious and very generalized. Many people use it as an excuse for not succeeding, however if you posses creativity nobody can touch you. Without further ado enjoy the following guerrilla marketing campaigns!

1. Global angels: Help someone far away

This creative campaign was for one purpose only and that is to end poverty. The undercover actor walks around with bags full of groceries. When he drops them around people that are walking by, this quickly shows how many strangers are willing to help a person in need.

2. Mountain Dew: Paintball street art

What happens when you use paintball guns to create graffiti? Just watch this video and find out, the end results are amazing!

  • Company: Mountain Dew
  • Agency: Redblue Viral
  • Country: United Kingdom

3. Coca-Cola: The wallet of happiness

In celebration of Coca-Cola’s 125 years, this guerrilla marketing video shows peoples honesty. If they return the lost wallet to it’s owner, they will be congratulated with a happiness’ welcome. This video was filmed in a crowded district in Lima. The wallet contains $100, let see how many honest people there is shall we? 70% of the people who participated were honest enough to return the stolen wallet.

4. Polish federation of cancer survivors: Shoplifter

Well this is a cool way to get women’s attention. This campaign for The Polish Federation of Cancer Survivors won a bronze Lion at the 2011 Cannes advertising festival. The whole point to get across was that women should not only check their breasts for lumps but they should also get a mammogram at a hospital because sometimes: “What a person can miss the machine will find.” This creative campaign consisted of a security tag that would be detected at the entrance of the store. When the alarm would beep the women quickly stopped and looked to see what they had in the bad. How did they manage to get the security tag in their bags after they purchased the clothes? Watch the video and find out!

  • Company: The Polish Federation of Cancer Survivors
  • Agency: EuroRSCG Warsaw
  • Country: Poland

5. WWF: The greenest leaflet

WWF created the most greenest ad campaign ever*! With only one copy of the print ad they’ve reached 285,142 people. Check out the video below to see how they achieved this task!

6. Volkswagen: Translator

Volkswagen’s park assist sure is a handy feature. Check out how they advertised it in a Brazilian ad.

7. Nike vs. Adidas Detox Challenge

Nike vs Adidas, who will be the first to eliminate hazardous chemical discharges from their supply chain?

  • Company: Greenpeace
  • Agency: Unkown
  • Country: USA

8. The world’s biggest hug

How can the statue of Christ the Redeemer at Rio de Janeiro give a hug? Watch this video and find out! This has generated an incredible amount of press and awareness on the serious issue of sexual abuse in Brazil.

  • Company: Conselho Nacional Do Sesi
  • Agency: Monumenta
  • Country: Brazil

9. Doritos: The rise & fall of Esteban Ortega

This campaign is extremely creative, and for that we love it! In a matter of two minutes you will witness the rise and fall of Esteban Ortega, who is a professional Dorito flicker. As funny and ridiculous as that sounds, this video is definitely worth a watch.

  • Company: Doritos
  • Agency: AMV BBDO
  • Country: United Kingdom

10. Road safety authority: Loaded weapon

Very touching ad, this really makes me think smarter and make wiser decisions while driving or operating a vehicle.

11. First animated tattoo ever

On June the 16th 2011 Paris based tattoo artist K.A.R.L. realised the first ever animated tattoo ( interactive tattoo to be exact). The process was streamed live on Facebook with the users being able to comment and interact with the event. This campaign used social media very well and should be used as an example for all advertising agency’s.

  • Company: Ballantine’s
  • Agency: Work Club
  • Country: United Kingdom

12. Amnesty International: 50th anniversary

Amnesty International just celebrated their 50th anniversary. In order to show how far the organization has come they hired an agency to deliver the following animation.

13. Viagra: Golf

The following video might seem uncreative, but Viagra manages to get the message across in 18 seconds. We are not gonna lie, that is pretty impressive!

14. BMW: M1 vs Helipad

Hate it or love it, but this campaign is extremely creative and alarmingly scary to watch. Check out the following videos of BMW’s M1 to see what we are talking about.

15. Volkswagen: Join the Rebellion

Remember the Volkswagen Star-Wars based Superbowl ad? Well apparently Greenpeace is attacking Volkswagen, because of their refusal to reduce its carbon emission. This campaign is very clever on Greenpeace’s part, and it makes us wonder is Volkswagen will react?

  • Company: Volkswagen
  • Agency: Deutsch
  • Country: USA

16. Cannes Lions 2011: Direct

Rom was loosing it’s appeal with the young Romanian crowd. In order to make them care about the country’s traditional chocolate bar, the wrapper was changed to the american flag. Not only did this stir up attention, but also made peoplevery unhappy. Check out the video for the outcome. This campaign won the Grand Prix Cannes Lions 2011 award.

  • Company: ROM
  • Agency: Mccann
  • Country: Romania

17. Pause: Human Jukebox

We have never seen a CEO go this far for his business. In order to advertise itself against big retail chains, a Stockholm electronics store Pause went above and beyond. You have to take crazy chances in order to win the press, and all the effort succeeded with the Human Jukebox! Although this makes us wonder how he got the piece out and whether the he will have cancer in the future….

  • Company: Pause
  • Agency: Mccann
  • Country: Romania

18. Homeplus: Virtual Subway Store

Looks like QR Codes are saving the day in South Korea. According to research Koreans are the second most hard working people in the world. The last thing they want to do is go shopping after their long work day. In order to make shopping easier, Homeplus created virtual stores in subway stations in which the customers could do the shopping on the go. Once they scan the QR Code the item will be placed in their basket allowing them to check out. They purchased items would then be delivered directly to their homes.

19. Volkswagen: Speed Camera Lottery

Fun can change the human behaviour for the better, and this video will showcase exactly why. What happens when you speed? Your ticket payment will placed in the lottery. What happens when you obey the speed? You will be entered into a lottery, allowing you to win cold hard cash for your good behavior!

20. Glassing Eyewear: Prank

How to introduce a new sunglasses collection at a fair without going inside? Easy, just watch this video and find out! This is not extremely creative, but very well done!

  • Company: Glassing Eyewear
  • Agency: Y&R
  • Country: Italy

So there you have it, 20 extremely creative guerrilla marketing campaigns. You are probably saying to yourself, “These campaigns are pretty cool, but I will never succeed..” The truth is it’s 2011 and everything goes viral if done correctly. All you need to do is be creative and people will notice. So if you are trying to promote your business/service but do not have the sufficient advertising funds, brainstorm with you team about guerrilla marketing techniques you can launch. Who knows, maybe we will be writing about you next!

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