Selasa, Agustus 19, 2008

Beautiful Blogger templates

Blogger is probably one of the earliest service providers for blogging. Most bloggers start from and that includes me as well. The good thing about Blogger is, we don’t need to be much web designing/CSS literate; all tools were made ready for us within the account. However some of us are not satisfied with the controls made available in Blogger, we tend to want more and that’s one main reason we migrate out of Blogger. Still, holds one of the biggest crowds of bloggers.

andreaas02 [download]


k2 [download]

kubrick [download]

minimalist [download]

onecolumn [download]

k2 (Single column) [Download]

Firefox [Download]

Forest Green [Download]

Ambiru [Download]

Binary Bonsai [Download]

Green Bubbles [Download]

Coffee n Cream [download]

Free Indigo [download]

Transparentia [download]

Beautiful Day [download]

The Hobbit[Download]


Rounded v2 [Download] [Rounded v2 for Wordpress]


Green Lush[Download]

NewZen [Download]

Kiss [Download]

Red Christmas [Download]

Skiing [Download]

Snow Time[Download]

Tango [Download]

A Rose A Love [Download]

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