Jumat, Agustus 01, 2008

Food Art

OK, this food could be aggressive, dangerous, over-designed and even alive - but is it eatable?

People would eat the darnedest things, depending on their cultural background and love of unique experiences. The point of this article (the first in a series) is to find the food that is not necessarily disgusting (in most cases it's only a matter of taste), but such food - and things made from food - that cause us to stop in the tracks and think twice before bringing it to our mouths.

Food as Art

Pierre Javelle & Akiko Ida (see their site Minimiam) make very special food landscapes where little people go around their business among the tasty morsels we eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Utilizing the variable depth of field, their photography is exceptional in creating the illusion of a miniature world.

Zooming in on the little figures, we see that they are hand-made using the old school skills, no computer trickery here:

Seeing all this miniature activity should cause you to examine your food more closely before taking a bite - who's this construction worker stuck in the cookie's crevasse?

Anime Food

Love your favorite anime characters? Have them with rice!
Asian creativity is put to good use in Hong Kong's fast-food establishments:

Dangerous Food:

Aggressive Food:

Over-grown Food:

Curious Food:

Unborn Food:

Geek-oriented food:
(chocolate bar)

Speaking of chocolate... you can lick the whole chocolate-covered Jeep!

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