Selasa, Agustus 19, 2008

Most downloaded Wordpress themes of all time

At least five new Wordpress themes are introduced everyday on this free Net and that gives us a few good thousands of free Wordpress themes floating around the internet. Have you ever wondered which amongst are all time most downloaded themes? You will be surprised they are not as nice as you expected them to be, but check out this fact - The #1 most downloaded theme I’ve compiled here have got 47,000+ (and counting) downloads and #49 still maintain 6500+ (and counting) downloads. They are not overrated, I believe they are few of the best when they were firstly introduced and as time goes, they still pickup some downloads here and there.

Vistered Little 1.6 [download]

Mistylook 3.2 [download]

WP-Andreas01 1.5 [download]

Water 1.1 [download]

Japanese Cherry Blossom 1.0 [download]

Chaoticsoul 1.0 [download]

Cordobo Green Park 0.9.2 Beta 12 [download]

Mesozoic 2.0 [download]

Sky3c 2.0 [download]

Andyblue ver 1.3 [download]

Ocean Mist 1.2 [download]

Freshy 1.0 [download]

Mandigo 1.14 [download]

Foliage Mod 1.02 [download]

QWLIM! 0.3 [download]

Waterlily 2.5 [download]

Blue Horizon 3.0 [download]

Tiga 1.0.2 [download]

Fallseason 1.0 [download]

3k2redux klein [download]

Black Minimalism 1.0 [download]

Glued Ideas - Subtile 0.39 [download]

Grey Gets Green [download]

Brajeshwar [download]

I feel dirty 1.0 [download]

Andreas04 2.0 [download]

Hemingway 0.19 [download]

Wucoco - 3 Column [download]

DFire 1.0 [download]

TerraFirma 3.3.1 [download]

Light 1.0 [download]

Orange Crush 2.16 [download]

Neo-Sapien 0.5 [download]

3k2redux klee [download]

Dark Blix 1.5 [download]

Mambopress 2.3 [download]

Silver Lexus [download]

Unsleepable [download]

Into The Light [download]

Broad Leaf [download]

CITRUS 06 [download]

Beach House [download]

Isulong SEPOH 1.2 [download]

Natural Nouveau [download]

Hemingway Reloaded 1.0 [download]

D3SIGN 4UCK 1 [download]

1024px [download]

Anthosia 3c [download]

BlackPhoto 1.0 [download]

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