Minggu, Juni 26, 2011

20 Smart and Creative Resume Design

Long before you are shortlisted for a job/project, your Resume already go through many expert set of eyes. Thus it is extremely important to show your all creativity & skills and add life to the lifeless resume. Today we have collected best samples to boost your first impression on your future employer.

my old designers resume  arlqlyq 20 Smart and Creative Resume Design

my resume  6su446n4r 20 Smart and Creative Resume Design

creative resume first edition  rkh4gm5sgj 20 Smart and Creative Resume Design

Check the full collection of Creative Resume Designs here: http://slodive.com/inspiration/showcase/20-smart-and-creative-resume-design/

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maddy mengatakan...

This is awesome ! Thanks for sharing. i really loved to visit your blog!

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