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40 Facebook Fan Page Designs and Practices

Facebook is the second most visited website in the world! If you have been sleeping under a rock, wake up! Facebook and twitter should be the top two social media priorities for small/big businesses. In this article we will take a look at great Facebook fan page examples, practices, and ideas.

When a user goes to your page you have to make sure they do not land on the wall. Instead create a custom html template that encourages visitors to like the page, this is often referred to as «Call to Action» splash page. You want more likes on your fan page and to do that, you need to look at it from their perspective. What will they get in return for liking your brand? I’ve seen many companies answer this question in very creative and successful ways. Some offer coupons, promo codes, free samples, downloads, contests, exclusive content, donations, and much more. Creativity in this will overcome the competition and allow you to keep building a hefty user base.

Once you got their like, you cannot stop there. You will need to provide interaction by asking fans questions, opinions, and other feedback that makes the, fell a part of the community. This is probably one of the most important things you have to keep in mind. I remember I commented on an artists page, about how I really enjoyed his new song. Surprisingly after a few minutes, my notification icons popped up and told me that he replied to my comment on his page. This made me feel very special! I do not know if the PR was the one in control of the account, but that interaction made my day. If that experience felt really good to me, I can only imagine what a user will feel if I repeat the process.

With over 610+ million users, companies have started to apply new strategies on their fan page. As you might of recently heard, Warner Bros started testing movie rentals via Facebook. This kind of business move is not a joke, and was recognized by the competition. Being a pioneer in social business decisions can make or brake you, but keep in mind that if it works for you copycats will follow. That brings me to another point, don’t be afraid to visit other companys’ fan pages. While you might think it’s a waste of time, you are wrong. Doing so will enable you to study and discover new working strategies that other businesses are implementing.

One thought that might come to mind is that people will like your page and only go after the discount coupon, promotion, or any thing else that you offer. Yes, there are people like that out there, and are always in search for free stuff. A great majority of people however completely forget about it and go along their ways. The updates from your feed will appear in their timeline, thus bringing you in more traffic. Make sure to engage users when they are on Facebook. A few studies have shown that Facebook has the most activity during the evenings. Take this to your advantage and figure out when you should post your content. Oh, and don’t forget about the people in different time zones.

There has not been a «Standard» or «Correct» way that a fan page should looks like. However, there has been many companies that impliment the idea in their own way and have found success. The following business below have achieved successful engagement with their customers. Take Coca Cola for example. Currently Coca Cola is the most successful brand on Facebook, with over 21 million likes. They don’t just ask their users to like them, they provide a social relationship with their fans and reward them. While looking through the following pages, take notes of the interaction and posting frequency.

1. Ectomachine

20110130 ectomachine1 40 Facebook Fan Page Designs and Practices

2. Gnu World

20110125 gnuworld1 40 Facebook Fan Page Designs and Practices

3. Velasco

20110125 velasco1 40 Facebook Fan Page Designs and Practices

4. Social Media Examiner

20101213 socialmediaexaminer1 40 Facebook Fan Page Designs and Practices

5. Hornitos Tequila

20101213 hornitos1 40 Facebook Fan Page Designs and Practices

6. The Nerd Herd

20101015 nerdherd1 40 Facebook Fan Page Designs and Practices

7. Purplest

20101015 purplest1 40 Facebook Fan Page Designs and Practices

8. Casino Lemonade

20101015 casinolemonade1 40 Facebook Fan Page Designs and Practices

9. Thurston & Betts, PLLC Attorneys at Law

20100522 thurstonandbetts1 40 Facebook Fan Page Designs and Practices

10. Nagaworld

20101202 nagaworld1 40 Facebook Fan Page Designs and Practices

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