Minggu, Juni 26, 2011

Excellent drawings by Joe Fenton

e725d0746ecf011ba1f751a07e29e51a Excellent drawings by Joe Fenton

«After studying sculpting at the Wimbledon School of Art, I went on to work for a few years in the film industry for directors such as Terry Gilliam and for companies such as Disney and Miramax as a film concept designer and sculptor in both London and Prague. I then moved to New York where I received my first publishing contract with Simon & Schuster for my children’s book as illustrator and writer of What’s under the bed? What’s under the bed? was selected by Cheerios spoonful of stories programme to be resized and placed in 1.5 million boxes of Cheerios in the USA. My second book titled Boo! came out in August 2010. I am currently working on my third book. I also recently won the best artist of North West Region for the Russell Simmon’s Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series. I was one of twenty finalists selected out of thousands across the USA to show at the 2010 Miami Art Basel in Miami, Florida. My personal work is inspired by some of the early surrealists like Hieronymous Bosch and Breugal. Children’s illustrators like Arthur Rackham and Wayne Anderson, and not forgetting to mention the graphic excellence of M.C. Escher.«

da464a0fc9d833533240ad6c357e6120 Excellent drawings by Joe Fenton

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